Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Half Impressions

Defense - bent a little on the first drive, but got a big INT. Then with Rocca backing Pitt up with a great pooch kick, the Defense stuffed the Steelers.....

Nice to see Dawk out there and seeing him and TKO getting fired up.
Eagles D still looking vulnerable to misdirection plays.
Bunkley sighting! - Big #97 got some penetration....the most notable play got whistled on a Steelers' false start and then Pitt came back with a big pass to the TE down the Eagles 1, so it went for naught
Speaking of that pass play to Heath Miller....hmmm, so safety Sean Considine has a chance to make a big hit, but just kind of bounces off. I know Miller is big, but, don't you have the feeling that if it was Dawkins lining up Miller, the result might've been different?
TKO! - Makes a nice goal-line play, forcing a fumble. Mikell recovers and the Line Judge gets BLASTED during the abortive run back (he was called down).
Ok. First quarter the Birds D did fine, getting some turnovers to nullify Steelers scoring attempts AND setting up the O with great field position. The Offense failed miserably, and did not capitalize. The Steelers kept getting the ball back, and got their feet under them in the 2nd quarter - putting together a couple of nice drives (keyed both times by big screen passes that transformed Steelers' field position from deep inside their own territory to mid-field. Huge chunks of yardage that made scoring much easier.

Ok, Westbrook is a no-show. No word before the game on reasons why. The assumption here: coaching staff felt there was no reason to risk #36....
The offense moved the ball O.K. - two things are squeezing the Eagles O - No #36 and WAY TOO MANY's like every drive the Eagles have to overcome their own mistakes AND the Steelers' D. Its too much to ask. The O cannot get in sync. If they could get out of their own way, they might have a chance.

Special Teams:
Rocca is booming it once again - (exception: final punt of the half was line drive, but it wasn't returned. He dropped another inside the 5, but the gunners couldn't down it in time.)
Bloom is not shaggin' kicks...hmm, my take: he dinged up his toe and the Birds' new ST coach, Rory Segrest, said the other week he wanted to work in other guys and see what they got - so we're seeing Greg Lewis and Buckhalter returning some kicks.

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