Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final Preseason Game is Almost Here

And you can bet I'll be up and watching it. I was about to do a roster prediction article, but honestly, tomorrow's game is going to determine those last few slots. Its a final chance for guys like Nate Ilaoa, Rashad Barksdale, Nick Graham, Marcus Paschal and Jeremy Clark to catch the coaches' eye and stake a claim to a roster spot.

There's also plenty of question remaining about how many the Eagles might keep at certain position. Last year we had 10 linemen for each side of the ball. That seems a bit exorbitant this year because we have a long-snapper, Jon Dorenbos, who will serve as an emergency TE (like Mike Bartrum use to)....But I will tell you this - The Eagles damn sure will be carrying 3 TEs this year. Brent Celek looks like the real deal (and this game against the Jets turn that warm fuzzy into hot passion) - so L.J., Celek and Schobel are going to be on the team. (Sorry Lee Vickers, its the practice squad for you).

Well anyway, while most pundits will bemoan the fact that this game is completely worthless and I'm sure some articles will question why owners "get away" with charging full price to see a bunch of scrubs play...however, those writers aren't battling for jobs. I'd say at least 45 roster positions are solidified - I mean absolute no doubters, but who are the 6 linebackers going to be? Do we carry 8 or 9 DBs, if so who are 8 & 9? 4 backs or 5? 5 means Ilaoa has a great shot, 4 means he a practice squad guy.

How many wide receivers? Curtis, Brown, Avant, Baskett and ??? I'd say Lewis and Bloom but who knows....We're all about to see the final curtain call. Enjoy it, for what its worth - a glimpse at some of the role-players who could be asked to step-up contribute at some point this season. (you never know)

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