Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The First Cut

No surprises today folks. (The Eagles already did that, releasing Trotter on Monday).

Today the Eagles placed DE Jerome McDougle (triceps), running back Ryan Moats (fractured ankle) and guard Stefan Rodgers (Lis franc) on injured reserve. We all knew those moves were coming. The Eagles then released: kicker E.J. Cochrane (camp leg), wide receivers Dereck Faulkner and Jermaine Jamison (who did have a good catch), tight end Kyle Hunt (no shot), safety Chris Smith and guard Chris White (who?). They have to make one more decision and make the roster 75, and it appears, by all reports that LB Craig Kobel is the guy, he'll either go on I.R. or get cut.

The big cut, the one that hurts, the one to pare down to the 53-man roster occurs next weekend. The Eagles will play their final preseason game Thursday versus the NY Jets and you can be sure that very few regulars will be in there. I doubt we'll see McNabb, and if AR is willing to take out Westbrook after one-play in his traditional "tune-up" game (the recently flubbed Game 3), then I doubt Brian will even bother to put on pads....Other players likewise will be nursed to prevent injury: Kearse, save his knee, Dawk - maybe a series just to break a sweat, L.J. - perhaps, if only to get some timing down, but I doubt it.

I would like to see FA pick-up DT Ian Scott suit up, and it would cool if LaJuan Ramsey could go, as he's nursing a high-ankle sprain - if he can go Thursday then he's ready for Green Bay.

In other news, the Eagles traded veteran QB Kelly Holcomb to the Minnesota Vikings for a future draft pick in 2009. (Some reports had said a 6th rounder in 2008), but the PE.com says differently. Hmmm, well it certainly won't be a high pick, but perhaps its conditional - I could see a pick - based on whether Holcomb earns playing time - ranging from rounds 5-7 (maybe a 5 or but a 6 is more realistic - whoops, some places, like ProFootballTalk are "confirming its a 6th rounder in 2009). I mean at this stage, the only thing you can hope for is a late rounder. Even though teams need back-ups, most teams understood the Eagles weren't going to keep 4 QBs on the roster and if no one had bellied-up-to-the-bar, the Birds would've cut him this weekend...so why trade at all? Well because once Holcomb becomes a FA, there's the possibility of a bidding war (o.k., more like a bidding skirmish), as several teams (hmm, Falcons perhaps) NEED a viable back-up QB, and Holcomb could probably start for a couple of team in the NFL...so trade a pick and pre-empt the other teams.

Next-topic: putting the Championship debate to rest.

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