Monday, August 13, 2007

Well, it IS pre-season

But I'd still like the Birds to appear a bit sharper. There were select moments of unit cohesion and execution in the first quarter of the Eagles first preseason game against the Ravens, but jeez-louise fellas....lookin' a bit sloppy....

1st qtr wrap: a few decent passes (like the first play of the game to Kevin Curtis) and rookie TE Celek catching a quick slant in from of Chris McAlister and a spiffy Westbrook screen play...and well that's about it. We had some blown assignments, a couple of "uh, you want to block that guy?" moments that stifled a few rush attempts. Akers missed a 43-yd FG....hmmm, bad snap, but the hold got the ball in position just in time....not smooth, but certainly it should have been enough...

2nd qtr: ummm, the second team O-line does not look like a cohesive unit. Did they play together at Lehigh? I mean, the ball gets snapped and guys are all over QB Kelly Holcomb....the Ravens didn't have their front-line guys in there either....wake-up fellas.
- Ike Reese (who is a VERY ENTERTAINING replacement for the departed Jaws (who is working on the MNF crew now) is right Tony Hunt - you gotta block in the pros.

That's it for the first half

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