Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weighin' in on 756

I don't care much about baseball.
I care even less for Barry Bonds.
I still think its a shame that one of baseball's most hallowed records is going to get sullied by the suspicions surrounding Barry Bonds and performance-enhancing drugs.
I don't care if he's never tested positive. I don't need to see track marks to know it.
I also think I cannot my feeling any more eloquently than John Smallwood already has his, when he wrote a few days ago:

"I've made my opinion clear since it became inevitable that Bonds was going to pass Aaron:

I think it's bogus. I believe that Bonds is guilty of having used "the cream," "the clear," and whatever other illegal substances that the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative provided for him.

I believe that during the 5-year period from 2000 through '04, when Bonds smacked 258 home runs, including a single-season record 73 in 2001, he was on performance-enhancing drugs.

Bonds turned 36 in 2000, an age when every other athlete in professional sports is already out of his or her prime or rapidly sliding out of it. Instead of declining, Bonds' power numbers skyrocketed. After averaging 37 home runs the previous five seasons, Bonds averaged 52 home runs during the period when his arms, feet, body and head swelled to Popeye-sized proportions.

That was an additional 75 home runs at ages when the power numbers of other sluggers decline.

I believe that without the assistance of drugs, Bonds would still be well short of Aaron's mark."

This cover from MAD about sums up my feelings:
I think if Bonds had an ounce of integrity he would've retired shy of 755, and simply gone on to be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time. Instead, he'll now always be a source of controversy, between those who defend his record and those who think its a sham.

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