Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunday Pointers

I can't say I have a solid idea about what to post today.

There are some funny things about Mike Vick's plea deal I suppose. Like the fact, pointed out by George Dohrmann, "Vick agrees that 'Bad Newz Kennels' business enterprise involved gambling activities in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia ... Most of the 'Bad Newz Kennels' operation and gambling monies were provided by Vick ... Vick did not gamble by placing side bets on any of the fights. Vick did not receive any of the proceeds from the purses that were won by 'Bad Newz Kennels.'" (uh-huh, sure)

One can read this as a clear admission that Vick bet on dogfighting. He put the money up. He lost money if his dogs lost. However, Vick says he didn't win money if his dog won. Can one be a gambler if one never takes any winnings? Defenders of Vick could argue he was simply putting up money for his friends to gamble, that he was (if this is even possible) only half a gambler.

Another key: will the judge even accept the plea deal? I think he will, but it wouldn't be the first time a judge denied one...

But here's the problem for me on this blog - I don't really care about Vick anymore....I hope the judge sends him away for 18 months and that I don't have to be bothered watching his scrambles on PrimeTime for a few years....

But the only other thing I have on my mind at this point (besides work) is the wretched play the Phillies. You see, about a week ago the Phillies were 3 games behind the NY Mets for the lead in the NL East and a game behind the Padres for baseball's "wildcard" (something I still view as a rather weak move to expand MLB's playoff system, and something that's extended the baseball into territory well beyond where it should be - namely NOVEMBER)

Well anyway, the Phillies has a recent road-trip against really bad teams, one of them Pittsburgh Pirates - so what do they do? Lose the series and finish 3-3....ok - its crunch time and the Phillies have the fortune to have 6 games vs lousy teams and they dork it up. No problem....big long 10-game homestand should do the trick. A real test. Do well, REAL WELL, and they could exit the home-stand in two weeks atop the NL East or at least the Wildcard....

Results? 3 games vs the Dodgers - 1-2
3 game vs the Padres - 0-2 so far, losing in brutal fashion each time
Do the games vs the Mets even matter anymore??? While the Phillies suck dick like a gigolo on Castro Street, their main competitors are winning (exception, the Braves are going down like a $2 hooker as well). So as of right now they're 4 games back of the Padres and 7 games back of the Mets.

Team to beat my ass.

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