Friday, August 31, 2007

Eagles Cuts Leaked Early?

Evidently the person in charge of making sure the wireless news feed to Eagles subscribers got a little too pro-active and may have dished the dirt on some Eagles cut a day early. Besides the obvious black-eye the front office is going to get should a player get word via the net, instead of in-person, it seems someone is due for a pink-slip of their own.
Now and Spuds won't confirm any of these there COULD be some changes. Doubtful. But not altogether beyond the realm of possibility.

In case the .jpg doesn't show up clearly: there are a few notable names on the list:
Ian Scott, the big run-stuffing DT they signed from Chicago - he could get on the field with a knee injury, which was good news for rookie FA Jeremy Clarke who really took advantage of his opportunity with a strong camp. Clarke - you isn't on the list.

Jeremy Bloom, I noted this in my blog earlier. Too much shake, not enough bake. He has a little wiggle to him, but the Eagles prospective KR/PR just never seemed to want to run it straight up the field. Not every play can be bust to the outside - ESPECIALLY with our ST blocking.

Dirk Johnson, our incumbent punter apparently lost out to the booming leg of our new Aussie pick-up, Saverio Rocca. Rocca, who was an instant hit with the fans, can flat-out crush the ball. Hell, he "shanked" a kick and he got a 42-yarder out of it. Toss in the a great pooch-punt ability and the propensity to hang ball up in the sky long enough for the coverage guys to make the fair catch, and you have a true special teams weapon. Dirk may be steady, but our Special Teams have been anything but. Having Rocca back there at least gives the punting unit a chance to shine. Now he just need to get that holding thing down. FG do not need to be an adventure. If he and LS Jon Dorenbos don't practice FG snapping and holding for 60+ this week, something is wrong.

Nate Ilaoa, the big Samoan HB from UH couldn't crack the line-up. Well he's project, as evidenced by his 7th round status. I think he lands on the practice squad.

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