Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Whew. Some cooler weather finally rolled into tonight. Looks like rain, with all the dark clouds, but the humidity isn't that bad, and there is a stiff cool breeze blowing through Misawa right now. Its very welcome after the past two days of clear sky, no wind, stifling hot days. Thank goodness we have air conditioning, its made this week palatable (especially having company over) and kept the two rulers of the household (That would be Zaar and DJ for those you not in the know) comfy.

I'm typing around D.J. right he's planted himself on my computer desk (funny how that happens) in his never-ending quest for attention.
What else am I recovering from? Another marathon gaming session. I had pretty much recovered from Sunday's foray in 30 straight hours awake when I had the fellas over again Wednesday night. Its was pretty mostly movies, Wii and XBox....and a good time was had by all.
Mario Party 8 is hellafun with 4 live players. Its really shines. I've tried playing it single-player, its ok, but not nearly as fun. The boys had fun with all the company cause they're not shortage of people to bug for attention....So anyway, I got to sleep around 10 or 11 am....and woke up a few hours ago, groggy as shit (its 7pm now). Am thinking about going to run, but that would suck if it rains.

I have to combobulate my thoughts on the Eagles and do another post. It seems All-Pro RG Shawn Andrews has doubts about his own ankle injury. Is it serious enough to threaten his future? Who knows - there is panic already in some circles. I prefer a more cautious approach. Am I concerned? You bet - Andrews has the skills to be an all-time great at the position. Not just an Eagles' all-timer, an NFL all-timer....I want to see him suit up and start blasting people.

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