Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Westbrook Shining This Season

Right: Westbrook sheds a flailing Cowboys defender enroute to a 122 yard rushing performance on Christmas Day.

I had hoped that Brian would show everyone on Christmas that he belongs in Hawaii in February, and I was right...he had an awesome day.

But when I look at his stats on ESPN...I was jarred...he is #8 in the NFL in rushing, with by FAR the fewest carries of any franchise back.

His totals of today: 239 rushing attempts, 1214 yards and a healthy 5.1 ypc average.
I looked at the 7 running back ahead of him. LT, LJ, Gore, Tiki, Steven Jackson, Willie Parker and Rudi Johnson. Nice company first off, but I was interested to see where Westbrook would theoretically stack up if he was given the same # of chances as the other top backs.

The average # of attempts in the top 7 is 321 (LJ leads with 383, Gore has the fewest of the top seven with 281)...that is 82 more than WB....a straight up addition 82 runs at 5.1 ypc is 418 more yards....however, that is a bit skewed....so I also took the average YPC of the Top 7....its 4.6...that would add 377 yards to Brian's total, vaulting him into the stratosphere of top franchise backs....

What is the point, its not to denigrate Frank Gore (who's total who rise by about 200 yards if he had more carries) or any of the other top backs. Its simply to highlight what a marvelous season the Eagles "other" franchise player is having.

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