Monday, December 18, 2006

Ghost of MEO's Past

I dig John Clayton's article on how the Eagles could come to haunt that selfish piece of donkey crap.
He writes: "Get ready for a Terrell Owens Christmas Carol. The ghosts of T.O.'s past are coming to possibly spoil the Cowboys' NFC East celebration. f the Cowboys lose to the Eagles on Christmas Day, the NFC East lead falls into the hands of Philadelphia, the team that T.O. ripped apart last season." I agree with Clayton on this, the Eagles have rallied, and it seems only appropriate that the team they have to beat to seal the deal is the Cowboys.

A good sign from my perspective, was the way the Eagles handled the immediate media barrage about the rematch with MEO. Last year doesn't matter, how he divided the team is history. What matters now is that each player focus on what he needs to do to get ready for the biggest game of the season. Will they win. I don't know. I am not a seer, but I will go on the record with this: if the Eagles play with the same heart, bring the intensity, and exhibit the same emotion that we saw in the Meadowlands, then I really like our chances.

Its almost cliche to say the Eagles need to contain Romo, stop the rush, keep up the opportunistic turnovers and be smart protecting the football. Similar qualities (though not all the same time) are what have spurred the Eagles to their three-game, season reviving win streak. If we don't let the Cowboys run all over us, force some timely turnover, capitalize on their mistakes and commit fewer penalties/mistakes of our own, there is no reason we cannot march out of Dallas with the NFC East lead.

I want it so bad I can taste it...sweet as yesterday was, there is only 1 thing I want this Christmas: an Eagles victory.

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