Sunday, December 03, 2006

Feelings about Week 13

Hmmm, you know I don't really see a game that would make getting up at 0300 worthwhile...

The NFL's early slate of games has some ok matchups...probably headlined by the Chicago-Minnesota rivalry...but no "must see" matchups....

My headlines before they play:
The Pats will crush the hapless Lions
Indy shows NFC East how to beat the Titans
K.C. rolls a disheveled Browns squad
The Skins make us sweat by squeaking by swooning Falcons (which means we better beat the GD Panthers on MNF)
The Bills play the Chargers tough for 3 quarters, but LT shakes off a "cold" start (game is in Buffalo) and managed to score just enough for the Chargers to win
The Rams and Saints secure dome wins....

The Late games are another story...I will definitely be up for the Cowboys-Giants game, although Texans-Raiders and Bucs-Steelers are dogs....the Jags-Fins game will be interesting...which team will show up? The good Jags or the lousy ones (same goes for the Fins)

The nightcap Seahawks-Broncos should be interesting, Denver is staking their season on Jay Cutler...hmmm
All in all it won't be a bad morning of football...if only I knew which Eagles team was going to show up...the half-way decent ones that has been AWOL since early Oct....or the team that makes Cindy Sheehan look "tough on defense"....if I knew the answer...I'd tell ya...

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