Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Atlanta or Dallas: Does it Matter for Philly?

OK, so who should Eagles fans root for on Saturday? Atlanta or Dallas...

The argument that we should somehow swallow our bile and root for the Cowgurls goes something like this: an Atlanta loss would drop the Falcons to 7-7, and thereby reduce the immediate pressure on the Eagles. Moreover, the reality that if the Eagles win-out they win the division would remain unchanged....Dallas would move to 9-5...and we'd have a chance to keep pace by beating the Giants and improving to 8-6, setting up a huge game on Christmas Day....also, if one believes in week-to-week momentum, if Dallas wins, they might not feel as desperate on X-mas as they would if they lose to the Falcons and possibly see the entire post-season slipping away.

The more obvious: root for the Falcons to beat the Cowboys has one immediate negative consequence: pressure on the Eagles to win against the Giants in order to keep pace in the wild-card race. The bonus part of this added pressure: If they WON, they'd move into the division lead, and the game against Dallas could potentially be one that would threaten Dallas's playoff chances. As for the wild-card race, well the Dirty Birds would go to 8-6 with a win (and maybe move within striking distance of the Saints if New Orleans fumbles) and that sets up the real possibility that the Falcons will NOT have packed it in by the time the Eagles play them on the last Sunday of the season....whew....

Lots of permutations to consider here but I think the ledger in overall terms seems to favor rooting for the Cowboys. You know what? I am not going to ROOT for anyone. I am just going to watch the game with a healthy dose of interested disinterest, because ultimately none of us fans can do anything about it, and the outcome of the game is irrelevant if the Eagles just continue to fight and win.

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