Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stars of the Game

This is getting be a broken record, but my Star of the Game is Brian Dawkins!

What a game: 12 tackles (11 solo), 2 forced fumbles, 2 passed defended and 1 huge INT (pictured left). Its hard to say too much about this guy. What a warrior...gets hurt right near the end of the game, but doesn't want the team to have to call a time-out...Reid calls it anyway because he wants his best player to be able to stay in the game. Afterwards, when questioned about it...Dawk just shook his head, and said, "no I knew I needed to fight through it" So unlike Mike Vick who pulled himself in the waning minutes of the Falcons crippling loss, Dawkins toughed it out for his teammates.

My other stars:
***** RB Brian Westbrook. He was everywhere for the Birds today. He blew past the 1,000 yard mark with 97 on the ground (he only need 5) and another 40 in the air. None bigger than the huge 28 yarder to give the Eagles a 21-16 lead in the fourth quarter.

**** Correll Buckhalter - lost in the shuffle of the manic second half was the sterling performance by Buck in the first half. 8 rushes for 48 yards might not seem like a huge day but it was, it truly was a hidden gem for this game. He ran with authority and picked up some key first downs. Coupled with his first quarter TD run and it adds up a tone-setting first half for the "General."

*** Omar Gaither - OG. What a baller. We actually had a LB almost lead the team in tackles! He had 10 tackles, including a huge sack in the first half (the only time we racked up lil Ewi today). But I tell you what, he brings a size and toughness was sorely lacking when munchkin McCoy was lined up outside.

** Reno Mahe - For ONCE, our special teams delivers a key return instead of allowing one. Reno's season high 64-yd return came at JUST the right time. Just after the Giants had taken the lead 16-14 (credit the D for holding the G-nots to a third FG) Mahe turns a great trick and winds up deep in Giants territory....3 plays later Westbrook bursts up the left side and presto-chango the Eagles are up 21-16....
* The Offensive Line - I've overlooked these guys for a while, but no longer. With rare exception the fellas up front pushed and shoved the G-men around at will. Just look at the rushing totals: 161-88...and its the Eagles with the 161!!! Whoddathunkit? Above: WB lets big Shawn Andrews spike the ball after his run. A much deserved celebration on a day when the Eagles dominated up front.

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