Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Haven't Won Nuthin' Yet

Taking a time-out from the current good (bordering on euphoric) feeling breezing through Philly
right now and I am confronted with one undeniable fact: the Eagles have NOT sealed a post-season berth. Beating the Redskins and Giants was GREAT, but it is NOT the end-all be-all for what I'd like to see us accomplish this season. Jeff, Andy, O-Line, D, special teams, etc....we got six more....Ya'll need to keep fighting. Taking out the Giants in the Meadowlands will lose a LOT of its luster if we bring our "C" game to Dallas on Christmas Day.

That said, I like what I seeing/hearing from the team right now. Which is: not much, yes they're off right now, but even after the Giants game they were saying all the right things. Andy Reid has set a good tone, no looking ahead. Focus on Dallas at the proper time: right now. All we've done it put ours in a position to accomplish our goals....its a good position to be in, yes, but we're not home yet.

Silver Lining to the voters ProBowl snub* of RB Brian Westbrook: Hey Westy, now you get to show the whole country they made a mistake on Christmas Day....

*he is first alternate after all....

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