Monday, December 04, 2006


Finally the D makes some plays to win!!! It was a gritty, none-to-pretty display of downright Philadelphia DETERMINATION that the Eagles showed the rest of the league...Did they give up too many plays? Sure.. Did they infuriatingly keep trying play-action before establishing the run? You bet (Andy's paw-prints are all over a gameplan that didn't figure out to RUN on 1st down until our 5th series of the game). But you know what I saw? LIFE...this team did not quit...even when Carolina kept counter-punching, KEPT retaking the lead, this team kept its composure. Maybe it was the presence of Slyvester Stallone (yeah that's right Rocky himself, promoting his new Rocky 6 movie) but whatever it was, the Birds found their balls (pardon my french) and ground out a win.

My five star players of the game:
***** Lito Sheppard - Once again, Lito steps up and makes a HUGE play to seal a win...he not only saved the game, but maybe the entire season, and i LOVE the fact that he did his homework and wound up stealing Delhomme's "fade signal" to Keyshawn at the end on the game-saving INT. He said afterwards when he saw Jake tap his butt, he knew from film study it was the Panthers signal to run the he stayed home and saved us....WAY TO GO LITO!
**** Brian Dawkins - his centerfield pick of Delhomme in the 4th qtr gave us life....after we finally had a chance to get a stop and then GO AHEAD in the game, Dawkins delivered...and with a great return that almost guaranteed we'd be able to get points (turns out we did have to settle for 3) Great players make plays...nice one 20...
*** Jeff Garcia - what grit, what toughness...if that performance doesn't win over some phans in Philly I don't know what will...on the biggest stage, in a must-win game, in a game where Westbrook and running game was clickin' (more on that later) Garcia PRODUCED!...3TDs NO picks...
** Donte Stallworth - what a catch down the sidelines! It was nice to see the Eagles dial up a few long balls. Even if they don't work, it makes the opposing D respect Stallworth's speed. On a night when the Panthers were obviously keying on Westbrook, Donte showed folks there is more than one play-maker on the field for us
* Jon Dorenbos - our new long-snapper did not flub anything up...keep working that magic dude...for about 8 more games...

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