Saturday, December 16, 2006

So Atlanta Blew it, What does that mean for the Eagles?

Honestly, Atlanta's loss saturday night to the visiting Dallas Cowboys did not alter the equation for the Eagles all that much. Gone are the days during the middle of the season when losing streaks by several other NFC teams (Atlanta, Minnesota, NYG, Carolina) kept the Eagles in the playoff hunt. It is time now to put up or shut up.

Some of the effects of tonights game:
Dallas has assured themselves a spot in the post-season. Which probably lowest on my give-a-shit-o-meter...Sure I would've liked to have beaten them next week on Christmas just to continue a downward spiral as the season comes to a close, but I cannot fault the way the team fought tonight.

Atlanta, at 7-7, faces some serious soul-searching after blowing this game and watching Vick take himself out of the game with just a minute left...maybe his groin did hurt, but you know what...he sent a clear signal to his teammates with that...there will be no fight left in the Falcons by the time they reach Philly on New Years....

YES, Atlanta's loss does slacken some of the pressure on the Birds to win out, in fact, I think now the only thing they absolutely MUST do is beat the Falcons on the last game of the year to squeak into the playoffs....but my eyes spy a larger prize....If the D can resuscitate itself long enough to begin playing professional-quality football again, this team can make some noise in the playoffs...this team, as choppy and uneven as they've been, can DO something with this season.

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