Saturday, December 16, 2006

Even if the Eagles are having the Greatest Season... least we're NOT in Detroit.

Check out this barb from the Onion...
December 7, 2006 | | Onion Sports

Jubilant Lions fans, players, and coaches alike continue to ride the wave of good feelings and positive thinking that began after the team lost by only a single touchdown to the talented and efficient New England Patriots Sunday, a fact they say negates anything else the Patriots achieve this season. .... Patriots coach Bill Belichick, while not willing to declare the Patriots' season a washout, admitted disappointment that his team "wound up playing that three-ring retard circus of a joke team so damn close."

Then consider this photo:
When you have fans from the opposing team coming into your house and declaring their allegiance to your inept front office...OMG, that is hilarious (there is a fourth Vikes fans to the right holding a "club" sign). I love the bags over the head too, very Tampa-esque.

They've even their own FireMattMillen website and blog....hee hee...gotta hand it to them. They've maintained their sense of humor about watching that buffoon dismantle their team year after gruesome year....

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