Friday, December 29, 2006


I am going to discuss the brewing "viva la Jeff, dump McNabb" movement by minority of misguided Eagles fans that it taking place on various discussion boards/radio shows.

THERE IS NO DEBATE. McNabb is our starter, McNabb is the better QB.

Do I like Jeff? Hell yeah, he's been one of the sparks that has helped turn around our season, but you know, four wins isn't enough for me to start throwing one of the all-time great Eagles under the bus. Moreover, the resurrection of the Eagles season should not be credited solely to Garcia. The coaching rediscovered the running game (realizing that there was no way they would win if they asked Jeff to pass 70% of the time), and the defense found itself.

Historically, thought I think of a fans take McNabb for granted, lest ye forget, the Eagles were in a moribund state before they drafted McNabb. Donovan is THE primary reason the Eagles have been one of the best teams in the NFL since 2000. Not the only reason, but a big one....the same way that Garcia's fiery, can-do attitude has helped the Eagles believe in themselves once again following 5's season-ending knee injury.

There are folks who question Donovan's leadership style. He comes off as a fun-loving guy, laid back, but some douchebags mistakenly believe this mean the man doesn't care about winning. As if the only people who care are those who jump around and yell. Garcia and McNabb are different types of leaders. McNabb has almost always been required to put everything on his shoulders and carry the team, to perk them up, to lead by example. Garcia is more up-tempo, he yells and screams, but in the absence of Donovan, other players have become more forceful presences on the field. On offense, Brian Westbrook has been a key. The Eagles lone game-breaker with Donovan gone, the WB has stepped up big in big games for us. Dawkins and Trotter are also much more noticeable to me, and have helped turn around the attitude and play of the defense (which in my opinion, is the real key behind our win streak).

You know what? rather that have this giant long-winded argument defending McNabb, I will just say this,
You put Donovan behind center, and have the same play-calls (i.e. a real running game) and have the defense playing the same hard-nosed run-stopping, turn-over creating D and the Eagles are in the exact same position they are in now....
For those that question if the team really missed him, I refer you to the audio pick-up of Dawkins and Trotter talking on the sidelines during the Titans wanna know what they said, don't let the other guys know how bad 5's injury is, it'll deflate them. This team WENT INTO THE TANK when he got injured...they didn't respond to Jeff's fire one bit...that's how deep a funk they sank into when they learned he was gone. And they didn't look at him as a leader? Get real....

Now, you know what time it is....time to focus on the Falcons, on winning the GD division and seeing what kind of damage we can do in the playoffs!!!

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