Sunday, December 03, 2006

Its Almost Eerie...

Check out these blurbs from an MSNBC writer about an NFC East Team:

"They had it (the game) in their hands and dropped it, done in not by lack of effort or inferior talent, but by mistakes and undisciplined play."

"The role of (the) this collapse has been well-documented. He’s a stickler for detail, like arriving...early for meetings.... But on the field, his team is as disciplined as a boxful of puppies."

"You don’t win titles by taking dumb penalties. You don’t win by blowing coverages in the most critical moments in the game."

They funny thing is...the writer is talking about the Giants...not the Eagles....hee hee...the sad part much of his criticism could be transposed to the Birds...Alright fellas, time to shut some folks up...

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