Friday, December 15, 2006

Bunkley or Bust?

Ray Didinger does a damn good job asking the question: Where is DT Broderick Bunkley?

We've been debating this for quite some time and two questions we all have (as written by RD):
(1) Isn’t it possible that Bunkley might have performed better if he were given more of an opportunity? How much can he show – good or bad – playing just a handful of snaps?

(2) Even if Bunkley is a little rough around the edges, could he possibly be less effective than the veterans who are playing ahead of him now?

My thoughts EXACTLY. I just cannot tell you why the coaches are not playing him. We've got linemen out there playing GAME AFTER GAME and not registering a TACKLE, let alone a sack or a tackle for loss...just a frickin' tackle fer crying out loud. And then when the coaches do put him in there, its for a play or two, often times in very tight circumstances (he got a couple plays in the 4th qtr of a must win game vs Panthers in which we were needed to hold off the Cats) This is NOT the recipe for success.

Bunkley has ALL the tools be a great, not a good, but a GREAT is up to the coaches to work with him, motivate him (to an extent,since they seem to DIScouraging him right now), develop him and get him in there....

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