Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Working from Home

Well I've got a bit of work lately from my old contracting company. It lets me work from my "home office/Eagles shrine" here in Japan for my old/new boss back in Hawaii.

I've really put the pedal to the metal this past week, and as such, having been posting a lot less on the forums and here. Whew. I tell you what, put in 12 hours today. Unreal, I am so sick of looking at this HDTV (that I use as my monitor). I had my coffee, breakfast, and dinner right here in front of the computer as I banged away on a project. About the only thing I got done - other than a shitload of work - was taking the boys for a walk.

I want to finish this project tomorrow, and I have a car (oil change for the Stagea) appt. and I definitely need to hit the gym as well. So I probably won't start until the afternoon (was click-clackin' away at 0800 today, didn't call a halt until 2230. Yeah I know that's 14.5 hours, but I DID take some breaks - I'm not that stupid.

The work will slacken after this week, and I will definitely have something to talk about if the Eagles 2nd visit with FA Safety Mike Doss actually occurs (he slated to go to Minnesota today, and Philly on Wednesday. He might never makes the trip - if Minn. is smart).

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