Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Are the Eagles going to do on Draft Day?

Well, with the draft just a few days away, I imagine it high time I start plugging in my .02. My opinions are scattered about various threads on various message boards, but here, I'll inject the finer points.

- I've said this over and over, but it bears repeating. The Eagles' move in FA/trades have sent them up to take the best player available - regardless of position - if they choose to stand pat and use their #26 selection.
- I believe the Eagles will choose a defensive player, unless all their top-tier defenders are gone someone really unexpected is there at #26...(don't ask who that might be....)
- I also believe that not all their top-tier guys will be gone. Why? Because the Eagles could easily use a LB, DB, or a DE and its highly unlikely that every single guy in the top 3 at DE, LB, CB and S will be gone at #26 - someone they like will be there.
- With only 6 picks, I think moving up in the draft is unlikely (so does GM Tom Hecket, btw), unless the other teams accepts players/lower draft pick, rather than the usual #2 pick it takes. (why - I think the Eagles want to come out of Saturday with 3 guys who have a chance to play a role on a team that intends to win it all and wing out some projects and see if they can't score another Trent Cole on day 2.
- Trading down will not be easy, but it'd be easier than moving up. Perhaps if there is an abundance of DB still left on the board when the Eagles come up at #26, they can do a deal with a team that wants leapfrog past a rival (say the Patriots, as folks eye their rapid succession #1 picks in the 20s with envy) and score a player they think Belichick wants (just as an example). Heck, it could be the Colts wanting to make sure they get the LB they want or something. Either way, opportunities exist....
- I think that barring moves, Day 1 will net the Eagles 2 Def/1 Off player(s). What positions? 1 DB, 1 LB and 1 RB. I know that's a safe course to predict. And it might not be right. But I think given the long-term needs, it'd be good. It is also quite possible that the Eagles will not chose a LB at all, and select 2 DBs or 1 DB and 1 DE.
- I think that the above variations are entirely dependent on the status of the draft board. Anyone who has watched prior drafts know that little spurts happen, where teams looking for say, DB help, start seeing a couple of guys go off the board, and think, shit, we better our DB before they're all gone, viola, instant run, and 3-4 of the dudes are gone from choices 15-24....The draft is totally unpredictable. That is why I like it.

Finally since everyone seems confounded unless you actually list some players. I would be more than happy if the Eagles were to draft: DBs: Reggie Nelson, Michael Griffin, Darrelle Revis, Aaron Ross. LBs: Poz, Willis, Timmons. DL: Carriker (simply because he's BIG, and BIG DE are not a bad thing to have), Spencer, maybe even Moss from Miami at #26.

Yeah yeah yeah, no need to leave a message telling me who won't be there at #26. I would be STUNNED if Willis or Revis or Carriker were around. The other I think we have a legit shot at drafting, if the draft falls the right(?) way.

Other random sports thoughts:
- Wouldn't it be cool to have guys like CJ or Okoye on that list...yup...but then again, if the price is having a Redskins-type year of futility, I'll pass
- If the right guys is there (and the other "more" right are all gone) I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles picked a DE (Andy love him his linemen)
- They couldn't possibly pick a WR? Could they?
- Break out of the 6 picks: 2 DB, 1 DE, 1 LB, 1 RB, 1 wildcard (depends on how day 2 shakes out). - I'd look for the Eagles to add another couple of Undrafted FA OL. They do well picking up undrafted lineman a) {sometimes better than the drafted one}, and b) it'll keep the guys on the roster hungry. Competition is good.

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