Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Domicile

I've been here in Japan for a number of months now without ever appropriately introducing the place we in which we live. Now I cannot say that I've got a top of world-class photos to share with you all. But, I will share some of the photos I finally downloaded of our place.
Above it the view of our house (it extends to the next house to the right of the picture). Entrance is gained via the garage. Inside it the family truckster, a Nissan Stagea (all sorts of car brands out here in Japan that you never hear of in the states). The good news, the sun rises in the East (duh) - which is to the left in the photo, so, there is very little direct sunlight on our bedroom (the window pictured is our "Master Suite" - ahem) in the morning. And trust me when the GD sun is rising at 0400, that is a good thing. Below: how to know its our house, look for the dachshund sign in the window
Below: our alley. For reference, I turned to my right after taking the first shot, and snapped a photo of the alley. Its an intermingled community. Our next door neighbors, with whom I've only ever really exchanged a few greetings, grunts and nods, are Japanese. But many on the street are not. (note the car sticking out on the right front. That is mine, its a Toyota Carina and I know, you've never heard of that brand either). It spend most of its time in our car port about 20 feet or so down the alley.
Below: a view of the cloudy sky and our "view" from standing in the garage and looking the "other" way in the alley. Note the incredibly sturdy fence we have to ensure that nothing falls into the sunken rice field between us and the Nissan dealership (the blue building). Also note that "McMansions" have crossed the pond. Its actually a very recognizable landmark here in Misawa (the giant gated mansion - there's only one)....The owner has quite the car collection as well. Could be the local Pachinko baron.

Well that's it for now. Next up, the Eagles have a cool new website to celebrate their 75th anniversary and some god-awful fugly throwback uniforms to go along with it. That'll be posted soon. And after that, its bath time for the doggies and maybe some interior shots.

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