Thursday, April 05, 2007

There's goes THAT Secret

If they didn't know it already, its a decent bet that the Chinese now possess classified information on the U.S. Aegis radar/defense system. Why? Our good buddies the Japanese, specifically a Japanese naval NCO.

Some blurbs: Kanagawa Prefectural Police found floppy disks containing data on the Aegis destroyer's radar system and transmission frequencies in the home of a Maritime Self-Defense Force sailor during a probe of his Chinese wife on suspicion of violating the immigration law, investigative sources said Friday. As the petty officer second class is not in a position that gives him access to Aegis data, police suspect another MSDF member gave him the information, the sources said. OK, so this doesn't PROVE much. But you know what....Military planners can no longer rely on the idea that the secret of Aegis is safe. Now, I know, most of the time they do not on rely on such information, nobody PLANS around that. But I tell you what, a huge advantage enjoyed by the U.S. Navy would go bye-bye should any adversary obtain the technical specs and then devise a way to defeat the system. (sigh).

OH, and I left out a different lurid detail. Evidently the secret data was leaked because Japanese Petty officers were swapping porn files at work.

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