Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where did the day go?

Man, the alarm went off at 0400 this morning (cause the wife is on day shift for the next couple of weeks) and even though it took a while to roll out of bed (when you crash at midnight and the clock-radio starts blaring country at 4 in the morning, it can take a while to come to your senses) I've been pretty dang busy today.

Talked with my bud, Scott, who's chilling in Colorado (note: he doesn't blog much). Whipped some UEF ass in the my latest game, Supreme Commander (the game is a lot cooler than the title would lead you to believe). Bugged over to the Eagles boards to see what was what. Went into base to get a crapload of stuff done, including a good long workout. Then I came back with a few rentals in hand and watched Altered this afternoon while having a late lunch.

Altered is quite good. Made by the director of the Blair Witch Project, it sets four guys who were "abducted" 15 years ago, against a lethal alien, who for reasons that I won't go into here, they do not want to kill (it has no such problems). Reasonably well done, it goes shoestring most of the way. No fancy set or locales, just some backwoods ramshackle place that the protagonist has built in order to isolate himself from a town that thinks he a whack-job and to hide from any aliens that might want to return to look his up (he got the full monty treatment up in the spaceship, a few of the others didn't).

Anyway, I enjoyed it. And after that, wow, if was past 16:30, so its past 18:30 and my wife should be coming back from work any time. Her plan is to pass out right away, and I gotta admit, I am a little tired. I just wonder where the time went? Whew. Well. There isn't much else going on here in Japan. We're getting as drenched as the East Coast. Been raining for 4 days straight. I am half-expecting to see a little Japanese Noah leading pairs of animals down the street.

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