Monday, April 30, 2007

Misc. Football Thoughts, Some Eagles, Some Not

A few things football crossed my mind today as I surfed about and and PFT, still amazed at the speed with which the Fiber Optic-line transfers data. I mean if I click a page, the entire thing just slams open....its awesome...

For instance, we download quite a few TV shows via iTunes. Our big test, how fast would the latest two episodes of Stargate SG-1 (both about 500Mb) download with the new light-speed access. Normally a TV-show download would take several hours (2-3 minimum, even though we had the local DSL, the line would hiccup quite a bit, sometimes 4 hours).

Now? Whew, talk about speed. Both shows downloaded simultaneously in under 15 minutes. They were sync'd up with the our AppleTV 20 minutes after she clicked on them to download. WOW. If you have the chance to get F.O. cable installed folks and you use the Internet a lot like we do. Its worth looking into folks.

A few non-Eagles thoughts:
- Can the Falcons have any MORE injury problems this off-season. I mean, I dislike the Dirty Birds as much as the next guy, but jeeze-louise, First Demorrio Williams tears his pectoral muscle working out, and now DT Rod Coleman ruptures his quadriceps in a boating accident? Maybe the football are exacting some sort of retribution on the Falcons for not disciplining Michael Vick. Who knows, but that's two key defenders who probably won't be anywhere near 100% by Sept. (Both will miss almost the entire off-season).

- Are the Giants really that hard-up for LBers that they'd move a pretty decent DE, Kiwanuka to OLBer? Wow....I mean, that's it odd. Hey, I know of a linebacker who just became available:
(ed. nice segue)

- Goodbye Mr. Air Banjo!
That's right. The Eagles released Dhani Jones. Ok, time for fairness. He was NOT the lone cause of our collective angst regarding the defense last year. He simply wasn't good. He didn't make any plays, and when the D needed someone to step-up, time and again, it was someone else (usually Dawkins, or Lito, and sometimes OG). The bow-tie experiment lasted a year longer than it legitimately should have.

And what infuriated many observers was the goofy little guitar strum he'd do after making even a routine play. Like tackling the opposing ball-carrier when he runs to your side is cause for celebration. Speaking of which, I never, and I mean NEVER really liked that celebration. I am huge fan, and get so pumped up watching the games (usually am hoarse afterwards, etc). With that in mind, I am usually incredibly forgiving towards the things that Eagles players might do [yup, I got a kick out of MEO's TD celebrations, still get a kick out McNabb's dances, etc]. And I tell you what, when I see Dawk make a big play, I am as apt to roar out a yell and fist pump as anyone. But whenever I saw Dhani strum that banjo, I paused, and would say to myself, damn, that's fucking gay, dude....why's he gotta do that? (not that there's anything wrong with that :)

Hopefully, his youth football running-mate Jerome McDougal will soon be following him to the unemployment line. Kudos to both of the men for stepping up and helping out children off the field. I just wish y'all had given us a little more to cheer about ON it. Oh, well, it didn't work out, we don't hate you, but we sure as hell aren't sorry to see you go. Bye bye!


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