Friday, April 27, 2007

The Draft is here!

Well as Satur-DAY turns to dusk here Japan, the day is just dawning all along the eastern seaboard. And since its the last Saturday of April that can only mean one thing - its the NFL Draft! Don't ask me why I am excited. I mean no one is going to be paying ME anything today. And while teams' fans might salivating at the prospect of having Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson on their team, the finance guys (and some veteran players) will be groaning under the weight of the demands on these unproven players.

Boning a top 10 pick has always had consequences. However, never more so than today as the first half-dozen guys will get millions upon millions in guaranteed money without ever having taken a snap. Now, I know, boo-hoo the billionaire owners have to share some of the wealth. I am not saying it wrong, just getting a little out-of-whack. I mean, chances are pretty dang good that two of the top 5-6 players are going to be mediocre at best - for whatever reason. And their teams are going to be saddled with them for years until the cap-hit for cutting them becomes manageable. That's why I like were the Eagles are. Signing a guy in the Top 30 is a whole different story than trying to sign a Top 10 guy.

One final reiteration of my prediction: no names just positions: 2 DB, 1LB, 1DE, 1RB, 1 wildcard (perhaps TE, OL, WR). I also think a few players could be moved, including RB Ryan Moats. The Eagles will try and dump guys like Dhani Jones and Jerome McDougal, but I don't see many buyers for their meager services.....

Well, the good news is AFN is going to carry 8 hours of ESPN draft coverage. The bad news, it starts at 1am local time, so I need to take a nap and have the coffee ready, cause its going to be a long day Sunday. Just as the coverage ends, the phone company guys will be here to install our fiber optic cable.

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