Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Wrestlemania Surprise from TiVo

First things first,
I haven't watched the WWF, er WWE, in a long time. I enjoyed Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock years ago (I think we got the Wrestlemania PPV at our house in 2000). But I lost interest. I remember the WWF primarily from the 80s, watching guys like Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Andre the Giant on Saturday mornings (11am, Channel 29, all you from Philly in the 80s should remember).

Well anyway, I woke up this morning and when I went to check out my TiVo, lo' and behold there is a entry for Wrestlemania 23. Then I remembered. The WWE provided FREE broadcasts to the Armed Forced Network. Not live mind you, but the next day. But who cares? I mean, I don't even think I'll watch the whole thing, I scanned through some of it during my lunch break (working from home has its bennies) and I saw a hilarious ladder match, and some dudes I didn't recognize do a flying body smash on some midget dressed up like a lephrecaun. Anyway, I just thought it was cool. There are a lot of wrestling fans, and plenty in the military (I don't count myself as one anymore, but its good for the occasional laugh), and that is nice thing for Vince McMahon to do for the troops.

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