Monday, April 16, 2007

Virgina Tech Massacre

My heart goes out the students, parents, professors, employees at Virgina Tech. Damn, that was a helluva thing to hear about when the alarm went off this morning. 33 total dead so far, including the gunman according to the press conference they just had. I cannot imagine the feeling of dread those countless parents and loved ones of the students must have gone/are still going through....God Bless.

I tell you what though. Was watching CNN and this student, Jamal Albarghouti, had a Nokia Cellphone and took video, (he's talking to CNN right now, so I got his name right) and know, it makes you think. In this day and age, technology gives us all the chance to be eyewitnesses to things. I mean there are some memorable, tragic shooting events in U.S. History (Luby's cafeteria in TX, the UT bell-tower sniper, the McDonalds tank thing in San Diego, Xerox shootings in Hawaii, to say nothing of school shootings), but very, very few have on-the-ground accounts like this young man provided.

Watch the video. This motha' runs TOWARDS the gunfire! My hats off to him, if he's not a journalism major, he should be. He's got the 'nads for it. Brave lad.

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