Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spiderman Swings into Japan

Well folks, I guess the international release of Spiderman 3 is taking place a few days before its released in the states. Its a holiday week here in the Land of the Rising Sun (that probably has something to do with pushing ahead its release date here). So the wife and I are going to see if we can brave the Japanese theater and go see the first big movie of the summer at Shimoda Mall.

In other football-related news. I guess it really IS good to be Rich Eisen. I wonder how you explain that to the wifey?

Next, more stuff from FanNation's Truth and Rumors page.
The Boston Globe is ooo'ing and aah'ing about what a great guy Tom Brady is. "Tom Brady has yet to publicly comment on the Patriots' acquisition of receiver Randy Moss, (hmm, yet in Philadelphia, a QB's lack of comment means McNabb is pouting - odd). but his actions speak volumes. Brady agreed to restructure his present contract that runs through 2010 to create salary cap space." Wow, Brady agreed to restructure....what a team guy. Um fellas, excuse me if I'm ready to beatify Brady for this one. Why? The Globe quotes Brady's agent as saying "Tom does what he can in order to win", making it seem like Brady offered up some sort of personal sacrifice to ensure the Randy Moss trade went through, but restructuring a contract DOES NOT mean Tom agreed to take a pay cut to bring Moss on board. It means he agreed to let the Pats convert some of his 2007 base-salary (non-guaranteed) into a signing bonus (guaranteed money, btw), that way the Pats can use an accounting shuffle and pro-rate the amount restructured into the future. So Tomboy gets a nice check from Mr. Kraft and the Pats get the cap space for Moss this year and create an even bigger Brady cap-number down-the-line. Hoo-boy...We should all be so lucky to have our employers ask to cut a nice fat check.

Its only been a day and already the St. Petersburg Times is wondering about a holdout by Bucs #1 pick Gaines Adams??? Wow, and we thought honeymoon's were short in Philly....


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