Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Move has begun

Hey everyone,

My primary computer is now boxed up and on a slow-boat to Japan, so my ability to rant about the Eagles will be constrained over the next few weeks as we transition to the Far East. Once I get settled, I will continue, but I don't expect to be able to post more than a few blogs a week until then...oh well, I know you are all vastly disappointed.

Now for some Eagles news: as predicted Bruce Perry was NFL'd this week, our starting CB Lito Sheppard has a sprained ankle, so the Eagles needed to sign another CB....the RB to CB move obviously wasn't going to work, so the Eagles brought back Dexter Wynn, a 2004 - 6th rounder, who has some return skills....good cause I don't want to see Westbrooks shagging punts anymore...sorry... electrifying player and all, but I would rather see him taking swing passes than having some special team suicide warrior barreling down the field taking a free shot on our most dangerous offensive weapon.

I was happily surprised that LB Matt McCoy had a real good game against the Texans....Now he gets a real test...the GYNts are a good team, and kill us with screens to Tiki, I would love to see McCoy submarine a few of those plays....that would go a long way towards making me feel better about our LB situation.

Catch y'all later, should have some more time to think tomorrow, as I am done with work, yeah that's right, on my last couple weeks of paid leave (get paid through the end of the month, which is sweet....after that its unpaid leave until I find a new job, which isn't so sweet).

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