Thursday, September 07, 2006

Want to Know what game is being broadcast in your local area?

Hey y'all,

Tired of rifling through the Sports section to figure out what game is being broadcast in your local area? Go here. The guy posts color maps of the U.S. so you can quickly figure out which games are being shown where.

Now that we have that administrivia out of the way, its time to talk some Iggles...and the new that all-world safety Brian Dawkins will see some playing time at linebacker.

I like the idea of playing Brian Dawkins closer to the line in select situations, sort of a freelance Linebacker who, if the play call demands it, can easily drop back and cover a TE. Plus if he's replacing second-year man Matt McCoy at the WILL, I don't see much of a drop-off against the run...

This is actually a MUCH brighter idea than that weird decision to try and turn a running back into a corner. (scroll down)...

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