Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chiming in from the Opposite Side of the World

Wow, folks, its been a couple of weeks, and I was in no mood to blog after the Eagles blew that game versus the GYNts...I mean I would've had to write a horror script for that game to turn out like that....I don't want to think about it.

I hope this cements in their minds that they can never take their proverbial foot off the gas...Hear that Andy? No more letting up, crush your opponents and hear the lamentation of de women...alright?? No more Mr. Nice better hand the 49ers their lunch, dinner and a midnight it??? GOOD

So anyways, my blog took a hit because I am now in JAPAN!!!!
Believe that sh*t? Sometimes its hard for me too. BLogging about the Eagles from Hawaii was goofy enough, but from cold Misawa Airbase? Unreal.

I will be posting some photos of our Japanese style house (we gotta live off base) and detailing some of the oddities about living at the beginning of each day....Like how games that start at 1PM EST come on TV at 2AM Monday morning here in the Land of the Rising Sun. Last games are a bit better...for instance, tomorrow's game versus the Niners starts at 0500. I just hope we don't have to do anything before 8AM cause it will be hard for me to leave before the game is over.

And just how will I be watching it? Hmmm, I think it will have to be by Webcam. Armed Forces Network does a decent job of broadcasting games, (the one cool thing, they show the top match-ups from each conference both early AND late) So it like having each network show a doubleheader every weekend, instead of every other....The bad part: no way to guarantee that I will see the Iggles...AUGH...that it what the webcam is for. I will have my dad point it at the TV so I at least get to see something. Plus I should get to listen to Merril do the local play-by-play.

More later, don't have a steady ISP yet, so cannot guarantee consistent posts...yet....

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