Sunday, September 10, 2006

Micc's First Impression from Week 1

Bush vs Mario watch:
Hmm, by my talley, Reggie Bush compiled 141 combined yards in New Orleans' victory, while Mario Williams disappeared (3 tackle) as the Eagles stomped the Texans...oh well...

My quick hits from around the league:
- MEO who? Donovan looked crisp, and once the Eagles O hit its groove (about the time the 2nd quarter rolled around) the front line began to dictate, and the McNabb & Co. pieced together some impressive drives. Defensively, the D-Line secured 4 of the teams 5 sacks and didn't let Carr get back on track after a good opening drive. Sweet.
- What's wrong with Seattle? Sure they won (on a last second FG) but by three, over Detroit??? Color me unimpressed.
- Atlanta looked impressive...they manhandled the team many picked to represent the NFC in Miami...that said, Vick's statistics were ordinary, but the key for him was the select plays that he made (whether with him feet or arm). Look he's average as a QB, but so long as Jim Mora Jr doesn't try and force this square peg into the round hole of his offense and just lets Vick make some plays....the Falcons could be tough...
- The Bears looked pretty good,and completely dismantled the hapless Packers.. how can a team with Brett Favre at QB be so terrible?? Anyway, if the Bears receivers keep making catches like they did today...The Bears will cruise to the NFC North crown.
- OMG did Trent Green get annihilated....After he was gone, the Chiefs were done...the Bengals just stuck a fork in them and that was it.
- Tampa big surprise there considering the injuries on the O-line....but getting blanked 27-0 by the Ravens is pretty pathetic...there should be some folks jumping off the Bay bridge this week...
- The Best part of the day (besides the Eagles win)....Dallas LOSING!! MEO actually scored, but that probably is bad news for Cowgurls since it sets up the potential "I'm doing my part" scenario as I detailed in my MEO-Cowboys analysis a few days ago.

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