Friday, September 01, 2006

Impressions from the First Half of this final warm-up

I am watching the game via webchat...and it is just me or does AJ Feeley looks REALLY sharp, I mean sharp enough for me to wonder about whether or not it would be better for AJ to come into games or Garcia? Garcia just seems jumpy back there...he bounces around a lot....Feeley just seems, um, smoother...he when his passes miss they still look good.
- Very impressed by Ryan Moats this game. I know it against the second string, but that is when your supposed to do well, and he did show the same burst we saw last year (50+ and NO fumbles!)
- McCants looks like a man determined to make it as hard as possible for the coaches to cut him. Snagged 3 passed that I counted, some nice catches....if I had to guess...McCants played himself onto the team, especially given his good work on special teams....
- Some sweet snags by Avant as well...nice to him get some touches
- Very nice 2-minute drill by AJ, very know I was thinkin' if AJ had been released earlier in the off-season, the Eagles probably would've just signed him and passed on Garcia...
- What was Akers doing? Running down the goal-line, getting some wind sprints in?
- Dirk better be alright
More later

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