Saturday, September 09, 2006

Its Only a few hours Kickoff

Had a VERY busy Saturday, so I haven't been hitting the Eagles forums or reading much news about much of anything today.
I like one of the latest headlines on ESPN, "Cowboys may have kicking concerns" no crap, their expensive new kicker Vanderjagt--or Vander-choke as I call him--didn't travel with the team, so some bum whose gotten cut numerous time before will kick for the Cowboys tomorrow (or later today, depending on what time zone you're in)...I wonder how that is going to work out. Parcells is notoriously short-fused when it comes to kickers....he has one expectation, that they're ready to kick and that they'll hit gimmee FGs...0-2 so far...

As for the prediction is Eagles 27 Texans 10....we should gobble up a Texans offense that is just beginning to learn the system Coach Kubiak brought over from Denver...

As for what's going on....lots of stuff getting ready for the move to Japan. My web access is going to be restricted to my wife's laptop, which is going to curtail my posts here and on the forums...but I will try and keep up. I am going to go to the enlisted club on Hickam AFB to check out the game tomorrow, its starts at 7am local-time, and then a little after noon, the wife and I will probably go over to a picnic. I will get to see a bunch of games...afterwards, I will give y'all my impressions of Week 1.

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