Thursday, September 14, 2006

Misadventures with Spray Paint and What the Eagles need to do to Beat the GYNts

Ok, ok, I admit it. I am NOT very handy around the house...I can do basic things OK, and a couple of thing decent, but I usually run into trouble, like today...simple spray painting....My error is NOT an inability to point the can in the right direction, my faux pas today was in purchasing some cheapo-brand....I was at Wal-Mart (yes, I managed to escape from their event horizon of consumer evil) and I THOUGHT I was buying Rust-oleum...oopsie...I guess I better get a rebate on my Lasik cause I wound up buying something called ColorTime (I think its the generic Walmart brand)....I didn't realize it until I got home...I was*t...but I didn't want to go I figured I would try it out....BAD IDEA....that crap-ass nozzle put more paint on my hands than the outdoor furniture I was trying to here I am practically washing my hands in acetone (which isn't supposed to come into contact with your skin BTW) to get this cheap gunk off....I wised up and switched to rubber gloves afterwards....

Lesson for you all: you get what you PAY cheap, get cheap....

Now for the real reason I logged on today: to answer the question on every inquiring mind: who do I think this weekend. I will keep tonight's comment to two games: Philly vs NYG and Dallas vs Washington....that right folks, there are two HUGE games this weekend...My hope is that the Eagles will have a 2 game lead on two other teams in the NFC East.

1. First up, Eagles - GYNts....this is going to be a tough game for the Iggles, the GYNts put up a good game, and if not for a cheesy offensive pass interference call, NYG could be rolling into town on a huge win...Can the Eagles win this game...yes, no doubt, but they have to do a couple things: a) contain Tiki....notice I didn't say stop...the Eagles have rarely been able to STOP Tiki, but they have been able to prevent Tiki alone from beating them, and I think that is the gameplan to victory once again...Tiki gets that team rolling, and if our D can keep from letting Tiki steamroll them, we got a definite shot... b) keep up the balanced attack...ok, I can hear you now, "Thanks Captain Obvious, you just told me that the key to the Eagles winning is to run the ball and to stop the run"...yeah, that basically what I am getting at, but in the Eagles' case its a little more nuanced. The Iggles need balance....they cannot let Osi and Strahan just tee off and play "lets meet at McNabb" all afternoon...The Colts' RB Addai had a couple of decent runs last week (though they garnered a paltry 55 yards in the game, I think that's an equal reflection of Peyton's propensity to pass this year {in effect calling his own number since he makes a lot of calls at the line} without the uber-reliable Edge in the backfield. Get Westbrook out on the flanks, get the ball to Buck a few extra times and let our massive interior line blast some GYNt ass off the field a few times.... no score here, but I think the Eagles continue their rebound from 2005 and manage to close out the GYNts at home.

2) Dallas vs Washington...I think the Cowgurls have the here, simply from the fact that they're at home, and NO ONE wants to drop to 0-2 with a home loss to a division rival. Moreover, I am not sold on the Foreskins vaunted offense...they did OK against the Vikings, but really only put together one decent drive (the ones capped off by a Portis run)...when the game was on the line, the Skins came up small. I think that IF the Dallas O-line can keep Bledsoe upright, he will be able take advantage of the absence of Shawn Springs and the out-for-the-year safety, Pierson Prileau. For all his team erosion downside, MEO has a huge upside ON THE expect Drew to find him a few times against a depleted secondary... Dallas wins at home...(dammit)

More Eagles commentary coming soon!

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