Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Eagles Craziness - Turning a RB into a CB????

The absolute goofiest thing I have heard in a long while regarding the Eagles was the news today that running back Bruce Perry is switching sides and becoming a cornerback!! A corner?? What the hell is that all about? We can't stick him at CB, a frickin' Arena league QB would tear him apart, let alone some dudes we'll face this year (Blesoe, Delhomme, Manning, et al) .

This only solidifies Perry's NFL status (that is NOT FOR LONG) on the Philadelphia Eagles. Are you trying to tell me that Perry is a better DB than the ones we cut? Better than Dexter Wynn, Matt Ware and JR Reed? I ain't buying this one, Andy Reid...I cut the Eagles front office a lot of slack...A LOT...but this move is a true head-scratcher....there is NO way in the world I would be comfortable seeing a former RB lining up opposite another teams WR...yeah yeah all you Troy Brown fans can go suck wind, at least he was wide receiver and knew what it was like downfield...Perry is a trench rat....

Tell us what your thinkin' Andy...or share some of your stash....

On another note: yet another illustration of why I just don't trust the Phillies, as the wildcard heats up, the Phils in point, tonight: while the Marlins get a no-hitter from formerly no-name rookie pitcher, Aribal Sanchez, the Phillies blow yet another critical game in the 9th inning...when the going gets tough, the Phils go fishing...have funs on links in Florida in October boys...better extract yer heads from yer butts fellas, there is post-season berth just begging to be taken, Florida smells it, why can't you?

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