Friday, September 01, 2006

Bring on the Texans!

- Another nice catch by Avant and the grit to take it back up inside and into Jets territory
- Awesome run by Perry...HOLDING...WHAT the, that sucks...frickin' WR holding away from the play...that blows for him....cause I don't think Bruce P is going to make this team.
- hmm another batted ball from Timmy Chang...augh...well at least Dirk is ok....downed at the 2, nice job special teams!
- Timmy Chang is horrible...I mean these are the Jets scrubs....
- you know for as entertaining as the first half was, this second half has been blah
- Jeez was it just me or did Matt Ware really regress this preseason??

Anyone notice a resemblence to that icon of poor Eagles secondary play....Toast!

I like Merrill Reese's pre-season notes...and I agree...McNabb has looked relaxed and rejuvenated, the 1st teamers have looked really good, especially the O & D lines...Addition of Donte Stallworth is each pre-season game the 1st teamers have dominated, the only reason the Eagles are headed for 2-3 (and might just get there by the time I am done with this) is the inept Timmy Chang, who has done almost nothing on O the entire pre-season, so whenever the Detmers and Changs have taken over with the lead, they cough the ball up and eventually the lead disappears....though as I type this TC is proving me wrong by actually engineering a drive into Jets territory...
PLEASE NO O.T. Andy...don't be Tuna-stoopid and try and force O.T. and go all out to win a meaningless 2:00 minutes this game better be over, with almost everyone healthy (a huge difference from other years)
--- 30 yard pass to Jenkins at the NYJ 6-yard line!! me wrong Timmy, go right ahead...I dare ya....--oops, booth review of the catch...figures...its a catch, give it to him...
First and goal...yikes...Perry went NO-where...second and goal Perry down to the 2...third and goal, Perry inside the 1....oh...they didn't get it at fourth and goal....who cares...take your healthy team home....

Bring on the Texans!

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