Monday, January 01, 2007

"We Basically Got Beat by Their Back-ups..."

Hee hee, Falcons beat writers are discussing the merciful end to their miserable season at the hands of the Eagles second-string...HA HA HA HA

Read all about it here.

Jim Mora Jr is as good as GONE as Falcons head's the ringing endorsement Mike Vick gave him: "If something like that were to happen, it wouldn't be tough for me to learn a new system," he said. "If it didn't happen, it's all good."

WOW...can you just feel the love from the Coach-Killa to the wannabe U-Dub sideline prowler???

Donte's revenge:
Wide receiver Donté Stallworth didn't spit in the face of cornerback DeAngelo Hall, as Terrell Owens did a couple weeks back. Stallworth got sweeter revenge on the trash-talking Falcon. "I'm wearing a division-title cap and DeAngelo Hall isn't," Stallworth said. According to Stallworth, Hall talked a lot of smack during the game. "He called me a bum," Stallworth said. "He kept saying he's been to two Pro Bowls and I haven't been to any. Well, this bum is going to be in the playoffs next week while that two-time Pro Bowler is out on the golf course or somewhere."
You tell him Donte' and here to hopin' we resign ya...Stallworth is one hard-workin' dude. And you know what else...he's QUIET too, doesn't yap, just hustles his ass off and does his job.

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