Saturday, January 13, 2007

Was it the O or the D

Our offense did not execute as well as it needed to....
A quick glance at a series of critical, point-depriving errors:

WB dropping that crossing pass inside the 40...(he probably would've taken in down inside the 30...and into FG range)

Having to settle for a FG to tighten the game to 27-24 instead of taking a 28-24 lead (not going to trash the specific play-calling...trying to catch the Saints D off guard with a flare to Tapeh in the flat would've been cheered had the LB not made a great play, but the overall play-calling in that situation MUST get us into the end zone)

Finally, our O had TWO possessions in the mid- to late-fourth qtr needing a FG to tie or TD to win, and we came up empty both times...

On defense...well, lets just be generous and say that they did not play PLAYOFF-caliber defense. I don't want to lay it completely on their doorstep, because loses are team loses, and to be fair - the Saints came in with a powerful offense...we KNEW that it was going to take a offensive reply to win this game...There were few people, that I know of, who felt we were going to shut down the Saints O....Our fellas just didn't make enough plays to win...mores the pity

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