Wednesday, January 24, 2007

West Beats East 12-9...and no one gives a Flying F--K

Um...did anyone even know the NHL All-Star game was played tonight??? Middle of the frickin' week? What great advertising fellas....the CNN link say "West tops East in All-Star Game"...I thought they were talking about some left-over College Football game (the East-West Shrine game or the Senior Bowl or something, but I guess they have the good sense to play on the weekend).

I used to defend hockey all the time (Top 4 sport and all that...) but its really fallen off the wagon in the U.S. of A. -- I still haven't forgiven them for canking the season a few years ago, and honestly, I stopped following the sport back then....the problem for the NHL, I, like a lot of my friends, came to realize that we could get along without the when it started back, I asked myself..."Didn't you used to complain about how the season would start in Oct and still be going on in like June?" Yup...did I really miss the long, drawn out marathon? I usually wouldn't get into it until football was over, and then it was a good way to tide myself over until football started again....but that year it was gone...I did other things...and liked, if I catch the occasional hockey game, its like..mmm-kay, uh-huh, is that it?

Maybe its because the Flyers really and truly suck right now, and haven't seemed to figure out that the NHL changed the rule a few years back....I tell you what though, my days of defending the sport are long over...its been supplanted as a major sport in this country by NASCAR and (shudder) Golf and probably ranks behind no higher than 8th on any credible scale: (#1 - NFL, #2 MLB, #3 NCAAF, #4 NBA, #5 NCAAB (Men), #6 NASCAR, #7 PGA, #8 NHL....that's pathetic....I still think its better than soccer...but if they don't do something...MLS will overtake them eventually....

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