Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What to do in the Off-season

You know the sportsnews cycle still churns, and everything so focused on the Superbowl, but if you're like me, and you don't have a real dog in the fight (so to speak), what do you do?

Well, you wonder about how to improve your team. If injured guys (like McNabb and Kearse) will come back stronger than ever or a little suspect. If unknown quantities (like WR/KR Jeremy Bloom and DE/OLB Chris Gocong) will burst on the scene and make real contribution after a year on IR or whether all that hope will bust meaninglessly during the pre-season and training camp.

Debates will rage about how which free agents should be signed or re-signed, and whom the Eagles should target in the April draft. One thing can be guaranteed. Whatever moves the front office makes, a certain portion of the fan base will be left unsatisfied. If WR Donte Stallworth and his blazing speed goes elsewhere, many will bemoan the fact that the 1-year rental came at too high a price (a LB and perhaps looming larger - a 4th rd pick in the Draft - we can deal with the loss of a LB, that price has already been paid, the season is over, we have yet to the pay the last installment, and that's what fans will focus on).

Does QB Jeff Garcia take his back-up show on the road, and become a band-aid 1-2 year starter for another team as it grooms a youngster? What about the rest of the Eagles free agents? I've already chimed in on this page about them, so there is no need to rehash that here. I do find it funny that so many who were trashing the Eagles in late Oct/early Nov for having such a dearth of talent (creating lists that hand maybe 10-15 untouchable players) are so worried about losing players.

That is life and business in the NFL. Some players will go, others will stay, and new guys will appear. About all we can do, as fans, is trust in the fact that our team has a plan, a scheme to remain in contention for a long time to come. They've done it for most of this millenium, but they haven't grabbed that trophy (yet). I want them to be aggressive and get in some defensive help. I'd love to keep Stallworth because I think his impact transcends stats.

All we can do, however, is wait and debate.

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