Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well That was a Big-ass Quake

Holy crap folks...want to feel (as the lyrics go) "the Earth move under your feet"...come to northern Japan! The quakes almost always hit offshore, but I tell you what, when your wheeled chair rolls back from the desk as your type and you get this up-n-down swaying motion, it can be pretty exciting..It wasn't frightening, cause nothing was comin' a tumblin' down, but it is the first earthquake that I truly felt...Christina has talked about feeling them, but I never have...until this afternoon that is.

Check out the details here. I reported it a few minutes after it hit on the USGS site.
We had a tsunami watch here and the local base radio station guys had to come in and break into the weekend satellite feed and make a bunch of announcements...Christina slept through it, and then when she got up we had to go the Emergency Room cause she was feeling really bad...evidently there is a pretty wicked stomach flu going through Japan right now...(that reminds me, I gotta go wash my hands)....

Finally, just trying to figure out how the heck I am supposed to get some sleep before the big game...its about 12 hours away and I'm STOKED...I need to some kind of rest...

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