Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blogger Slow and a Key to Victory on Sunday

Its been hard to post today, blogger keeps going in and out.

But as the week moves on and the Eagles preparations for Sunday's game vs the Giants pick up steam, I'd like to take a moment to calm everyone down with a simple reminder: playing a third divisional game is always a dicey proposition...there are no tricks, no surprises...these teams are what they are....I agree with Eagles OT Jon Runyan when he says, "If you control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, you're probably going to win that game."

The Eagles have a massive advantage with O-line....I watched the second game vs the Giants on NFL Replay and via Game of the Week on iTunes, and the one thing that became painfully obvious: the Giants cannot handle our big boys up front. We just wore 'em out. Buck and Westbrook ran hard and by the 3rd quarter, our guards were routinely putting a hat on Antonio Pierce and the other Giants LBs...they were plum tired when we came onto the field in the 4th qtr and seized control of the game...and who can blame them? I'd be tired too having a fight off 330-340 lbs dudes for 3 hours...

If we can maintain that same intensity and play smart football, we can make the Giants start counting the clock by the time the final 15:00 starts counting down.

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