Friday, January 12, 2007


That was awesome news to wake-up to today...the little 13-year-old Ownby kid, missing since Monday after getting off the school bus, was found. ALIVE and well hopefully unharmed...they haven't released too many details.

When I saw that the other day, I, probably like a lot of you, just shook my head in disgust and figured the next time we saw anything about the story would be when the police dogs found the body...Its sad to think that way, but there seem to be so many sickos running around out there, and it happened so many other times it seems foolish to get ones hope up....

But you know what? That not the real kicker...when the police arrested Michael Delvin, the alleged fucko that kidnapped Ownby, they discovered another boy who had been missing since 2002!! Imagine that....those families must be orbiting the moon....Good for them.

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