Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Koy's Back

Ok, so its old news and you probably already heard it elsewhere....look I never professed to be your first stop on all the latest Philly news....

The question is why bring Koy Detmer back? Just for holding on place-kicks? Is it really that important? In a word...YES...Money, or as he's listed on the roster - David Akers - has been short changed this year...When A.J. Feeley became available at a 3rd string QB, the Eagles decided it was time to part ways with long-time holder Koy Detmer...his duties were handed to punter Dirk Johnson late in the pre-season and the timing of our FG attempts has never quite been as smooth. Then when our quietly superb long-snapper, Mike Bartrum, went down with a neck injury...2/3 of the troika that provided steady excellence on special teams had changed....This is not an indictment of either Bartrum replacement, Jon Dorenbos or Dirk....I think they've been adequate...but it makes you realize just how seamless and good the Bartrum-Detmer-Akers combo was, when you see little snafus occur: like the holder putting the laces facing Akers and chip-shot 23-yd FG going awry...

That kinda shit simply CANNOT happen in the post-season...every chance to score is critical...the Eagles are playing strong but they can't go leaving points on the field like they did vs Atlanta...playoff opponents will almost always make you pay for those sorts of mistakes.

If this move helps settle Akers, and contributes to just one smooth, made FG...then its worth it, cause this team was never going to dress Bruce Perry in the post-season (the man who's spot Koy assumed yesterday)

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