Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday Follies

Did I really take all week off, with no blogging?
Holy crap....sorry folks, don't mean to disappoint, but working a lot sort of takes the starch of what I want to do with the my limited time after work.

So what's cookin'?

First off, some of the guys from my wife's shift had a "movie night" in the barracks on Tuesday night. The movie? Reno 911! Miami. and I'll tell you what. It was fucking HILARIOUS. If you like the show in the slightest, you have got to see this movie. I was skeptical at first...I mean the show is basically skits, but the premise actually works (with a healthy suspension of disbelief). Moreover, its one of those rare comedies that is actually funny until the very end.

But mostly its been a lot of work lately, so while I've been keeping up with all the latest Eagles news (like the fact the Donovan made it through most the mini-camp work-outs), I haven't had the time to really put together any cohesive thoughts about the Birds, let alone the NFC East.

In other news. Slammin' Sammy Sosa hit home-run #600 today, against, of all teams, the Cubs. Hee hee. Once again the Phillies became the Phrauds....they blew 2 of 3 versus the Detroit Tigers, and did the same wilting-act versus the Cleveland Indians.

And the COUNTDOWN is officially on. The Fightin' Phils are now 10 losses from 10,000, which would set the standard for futility by any major league team, in any sport, anywhere. Good lord. What have the dedicated phans in Philly done deserve a club like this?


Anonymous said...

it's been another week. write something in your blog, damnit.

Micc said...

been doing my military time! Sorry for getting lax