Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BTW - The Ducks Won

For one or two of you that still care about the NHL, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks won Lord Stanley's Cup.

whuzzat? My thoughts exactly.
Snoozing already. Does anyone care? Did ANYONE watch?

Wake up yet?
What the hell happened to hockey? The games themselves are still cool for me, but I tell you what there must be a helluva lot of former NHL-junkies like me (nearly all my friends back where I grew up are this way)...those of us that used to follow hockey all spring long. Get into it, watch like out-of-town games, have fantasy hockey teams...and then BLAM...Lockout season gone, and suddenly I was without hockey for an entire year. At first I was pissed, then jonesing for a hockey fix, but finally I realized there were other things to do....Lo and behold, when hockey came back, I just sorta shrugged and was take or leave it...For the most part, I've left it - though that attitude is assisted greatly by the Flyers current suck-i-tude and precipitous fall from the hockey power-elite.

Oh, and sweetie, don't think that treatment will work with Football, its like comparing a stoner to a hard-core meth-addict....ain't going to happen, I main-line the Eagles straight into my veins and that will not change.

And another thing, I know they dropped "mighty" from their names, but the Ducks? That a fucking lame-ass name. Don't ducks fly south to avoid ice?

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american oil said...

As one of your most dedicated readers of your blog.....

I would just like to say....and fuck you very much! Gah....

Luckly I love you.