Monday, June 11, 2007

McNabb Practices

Ok, ok, he only directed the offense for a few short series to open the Eagles June mini-camp and ran around for about an hour, but it is still a sign of progress. Why is that? He practiced without a brace. (I sort of expect him to wear a brace to start the regular season, just as a precaution). I also think we shouldn't get too excited....let's see how the knee responds. I wouldn't be surprised if the coaches keep him off the field as a precaution, but it would a very encouraging sign if he can get out there for a second day in a row.

And if you think the team isn't looking forward to having him back or wistfully remembers Jeff Garcia? WR Reggie Brown had this to say, "We're used to seeing Don back there on every play and just having him back, it kind of sets you on your way."

Let's get down to business fellas. We still have some unfinished business. This year its in Glendale.

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